Our site presents New Generation of Hula Hoops. Innovative design, high technology and continuous research and development are the main factors which made our weighted magnetic hoops the best sellers in Germany and other European countries.


If you want to get fit and feel great but donít like running or high intensity exercises, our Health Hula Hoops are just for you. The Weighted Magnetic Health Hula Hoops do wonders for your body,
and it can be done any time, any place, by anyone!

Exercises with Health Hula Hoop have the excellent effect on weight loss, toning, strengthening the core, increased metabolism and overall fitness.

In addition, the exercise provides an intense cardiovascular workout which promotes blood circulation due to massaging effect of our magnetic weighted Hula Hoops. It boosts energy, increases flexibility, develops balance and coordination and reduces stress. It's a low-impact exercise routine and is suitable for people of different level of fitness.

With our Health Hula Hoops, everyone can enjoy a whole body exercise at the gym,
the beach, in a narrow space or while watching TV, regardless of gender and age.
And the best part - this is an exercise you can enjoy with your kids!

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