Why Hula Hoop?

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Benefits of Hula Hooping

Hooping tones the core muscles, arms, glutes, and thighs, increases flexibility, and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. In fact, hooping can burn over 100 calories in 8 minutes—equal to running a mile in the same time period! The hula hoop weight loss formula is simple: the longer you can hula hoop, the more calories you will burn.

The best way to lose weight and get into shape is by using a weighted hula hoop, which come in all shapes and sizes.

The hula hoops that you find in any department store toy section are made for children. If you are an adult who wants to exercise with a hula hoop, lose weight, shape up, reduce you waste line, it is best to buy our weighted magnetic massaging Hula Hoops, which are specially designed for exercising

Why Magnets?

Not many people know that in the medicine of the Far East magnets have long traditions. The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field, and without the effect of the magnetic field the whole biological system would lead to an unnatural balance. The magnetic field penetrates everything on earth (plants, animals and human beings) and is indispensible for life.

The magnets of Magnetic Health Hula Hoop will help to increase the effect by producing an additional magnetic field. This process also will stimulate blood circulation and improve the metabolism. Magnets bring vitality and energy. They help to heal and restore the biological balance to its former condition. The after effect is a complete balance. Stress, pain and exhaustion can be alleviated.

A regular work-out with a magnetic hula hoop improves your metabolism, and prevents constipation. Rhythmic and steady moves during the exercise promote weight loss. Weighted Magnetic hula hoops strengthen your core muscles (abs plus obliques, at the sides of your waist) as well as in the glutes and thighs, and the added resistance created by our hoops has a remarkable way of sculpting and reshaping in all the right places.

The hula hoop is equipped with several magnetic massage balls along the hoop, which give a massage-effect around your abdomen and waist area during the swinging of the hula hoop. The structure of the hula hoop prevents it from going downward during the exercise. So, you can exercise much longer than with other hula hoops.

Whether you exercise outside in sunshine, in front of the TV or at home, our Weighted Magnetic Health Hula Hoops are great for overall fitness, weight loss and fun for every age and gender. Our hula hoops are available in various sizes and weights.

How To Hula Hoop

To start, stand with one foot in front of the other. You’ll get best results if you rock backwards and forwards as opposed to side to side. Begin by holding the hula hoop at waist level so it is touching the center of your back, then start the hula hoop spinning with a gentle push from both hands and begin rocking from one foot to the other to keep it in the air. It’s a good idea to practice rotating the hula hoop in both directions to work muscles on both sides of the body evenly.

Expect a few clumsy practice sessions during the first few days and don’t worry if hula hooping feels awkward at first. If you stick with it, all of a sudden, a fluid hula rhythm will click and you’ll be able to go for hours. The hula hooping motion is great exercise.

If the main goal is to burn calories, tighten core muscles, and get an aerobic workout, stick with the standard waist and hip-level hula hooping for the entire session. A couple days of sore leg and stomach muscles are a given for those new to exercising with a hula hoop.

For variety, work out your arm and leg muscles. Videos and hula hooping classes teach fun tricks and complicated moves, but the basics are enough to keep you busy and in shape.

Grab your hula hoop and crank up your favorite workout tunes. You'll get fitter by the minute!

History of the Hula Hoop

Throughout history, the hula hoop has been used in various cultures for a number of purposes. In ancient Greece, citizens used the hula hoop as a form of exercise. In Egypt around 3,000 years ago, hoops made out of grape vines were propelled around the ground with sticks.

Native Americans used hoops as a target for teaching accuracy for hunting. The word "hula" was added in the early 18th century as sailors who visited Hawaii noticed the similarity between hula dancing and tripping hoops. Plastic hula hoops were first manufactured and sold in Australia.

In 1957, Coles department store sold bamboo hoops, but the supplier couldn't produce enough to meet demand. So they invited Alex Tolmer, the founder of Toltoys, to produce plastic ones. Toltoys sold 400,000 plastic hoops in 1957. In 1958, Melin and Knerr of Wham-O started to market hula hoops in the USA, selling 100 million over that summer.

The craze lasted from January to October, then suddenly died. In only four months, an estimated 80 to 100 million of them were sold in 1958. Hula Hoops became famous all over the world. According to study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, hula hooping would burn around 200 calories in a day if you work out for half an hour.

Hula Hooping has been classified as an aerobic exercise that would increase the flexibility and strength of one's body. It is considered as a low-intensity workout for most people. One of the fun and creative ways to lose weight is by hula hooping.

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